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Honeymoon Ideas to Fit the Needs of Every Budget Written by: The Mockingbird Miraval Ballroom Wedding Venue

Honeymoon, the next best thing to getting married: A honeymoon is of extreme importance. The end of the wedding also brings to an end the many months, even years, of fantastic planning and stress-laden activity. As a newly engaged couple, it is time you settle in, relax and start spending some time of togetherness while embarking on your maiden journey as a family. If you want to make the most of this time then it is essential that you make the right plans for your honeymoon.

The evolution of honeymoon ideas and holiday destinations have taken them beyond the usual beach holidays and are now as varied and unique as the couples themselves who are a part of the journey. You can still make plans for a classic beach honeymoon with the very best services and accommodations on offer, or go unconventional by planning a low-budget honeymoon. After all, even cash-strapped couples have the right to make the most of this memorable once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

Honeymoon ideas for every budget:

Whether you are working on a high-end budget or looking for cheap ideas to fulfill your honeymoon experience, these unique honeymoon ideas will make this memorable moment in your life a truly special one. In order to make it easier for you, we have divided the ideas into respective cheap and expensive categories so that you need not waste much time wondering ifit is suited for you or not.

High-end budget honeymoon ideas

  • Pacuare Lodge in Turrialba, Costa Rica: Tucked away in the steep gorge of a river and surrounded by pristine mountains covered in rainforests, this lodge that was recently listed as one of the best eco-lodges in the world by National Geographic stands on the banks of one of the best rivers in Costa Rica that allow white water rafting. Lit by candles at night the Honeymoon cabin, standing on a secluded spot, comes with its very own plunge pool and a hanging bridge that leads down to an observation platform. Visit:
  • Patagonia Camp in the Torres del Paine National Park of Chile: Standing on the shores of theLago Toro which is only an hour's drive from the Torres del Paine National Park, this is a campwhere you can get warm hospitality and a luxurious tented accommodation. Each of the huts offer a fantastic view and feature a private balcony as well as a skylight so that you can gaze upto the star-studded night from the very comforts of your room. Visit:
  • Ananda in the Himalayan Foothills of India: Ananda stands amidst hundred acres of forestland along the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India. You can get exquisite views of the River Ganges, the Rishikesh Valley and the lower Himalayas from this region. The world famous spa in the resort is a place where you can enjoy complimentary yoga and treatments offered by Indian ayurveda. If you are lucky enough, you may come across Oprah Winfrey who makes it a point to visit this place at least once a year. Visit:
  • Treasure Resort in the Koh Samui Islands of Thailand: A relatively new property, it stands on asmall island that can be reached from Koh Samui by speedboat in no more than ten minutes. Arustic and charming spot that is situated away from the madding crowd, it offers delicious Thai-fusion cuisine, lush gardens and a lovely beach. The villas are designed so as to provide an optimum size and also feature an infinity swimming pool and tranquil spa offering views out on to the neighbouring Koh Taen island and across the Gulf of Thailand. Visit:

Low-end budget ideas:

For these low-budget honeymoon ideas, we are not suggesting any specific location ordestination. Couples can decide and choose the one that they unanimously agree upon as the most convenient place where they can fulfill and carry out these suggested ideas.

  • Staycation:Just because it is your honeymoon, it does not mean that you need to travel somewhere. In fact the very tradition of going on a vacation to celebrate one's honeymoon is a relatively new concept. Around a couple of centuries ago, a honeymoon was all about spending time together at home for a period of a month or so in order to know each other betteralbeit physically. Just imagine, a month of bliss away from your work, disconnected from the external world with your prime focus being on doing projects together with your better half. While your family and friends will not have pictures of grand locations to mystify themselves,they'll nevertheless be jealous of the way you managed to stay away from the rat race altogether
  • Island getaway:It is common to find people overspending on their honeymoon vacations to the Tahiti and Hawaiian islands. It is not necessary that a vacation in one of these places needsto be expensive. If you are travelling on a Best Western budget, you need not book your accommodation at a five-star facility. In fact it is the island atmosphere you wish to spend your time in and not a claustrophobic hotel room! Book your travels on a cheap air carrier and choose to sleep either in your car or on the beach. What really matters in these occasions is the amazing view that makes you feel like you are in paradise.
  • Fancy resort:Check into an expensive retreat, spa or resort facility in your hometown. While you may feel this is an expensive proposition, consider the huge amount you get to save on various travel costs, most notably your air fares. With that extra cash at your disposal, receiving a royal treatment within the limits of your own city now becomes largely affordable. Moreover, if it is a honeymoon package that you wish to book, you will be offered a lot of extra attention and free amenities. In order to lead a good life, flying halfway around the world is not always necessary.
  • Themed retreats:Numerous destinations all over the world offer weeklong retreats where, as a couple, you can completely immerse yourself into a hobby for which you share a common passion. Embark on a treasure hunt, backpacking adventure, ranch or vineyard, meditation retreat or anything that suits your fancy.


The best honeymoon idea is one that incorporates everything couples expect and want from what is possibly the most important trip they are ever going to take in their entire life. It is the best way to unwind and relax after going to the stresses of a marriage. We at the Mockingbird Restaurant & Miraval Ballroom offer special deals on reservations for receptions and amazing wedding packages. Apart from the honeymoon ideas mentioned here and irrespective of your budget, we can offer you a dreamy wedding ceremony and reception party for this very special occasion in your life that you are unlikely to experience more than once.

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Posted by Frank Cannizzaro